Nathaniel Marunas, Publisher Quercus Books


Amy Brundage is the kind of person you always hope for, but so rarely find, when looking for a coach.  She is smart, funny, down-to-earth, and 100% focused on listening objectively, supporting unconditionally, and keep you focused on your ultimate goals.  I can't recommend Amy highly enough. 

Amy Leon, Former Journalist, Small Business Owner and Banking Vice President


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy both personally and professionally for nine years. Amy’s tenacity, ability to connect with people, and genuinely gain an understanding of what it is one needs to succeed is unmatched. Coaching can be a very personal journey, even when it’s professionally-related and Amy really appreciates that. She has a clear understanding that trust is at the foundation of every relationship. If you’re looking for a coaching relationship that puts your needs first, clearly defines your goals and creates a plan of action to move forward – all while gaining honest, thoughtful feedback and encouragement, then Amy Brundage is the coach for you.

Liam Rice, Owner Summitt Clothing Company, Board Memeber The Giving Circle


Amy is amazing!  With her as my coach I started my own company, Summit Clothing Company. She continues to help me shape and grow my business.  I never could have done it without her!

Lindsay Pryor, Human Resources Generalist and Freelancer


Amy is an amazing coach who helped me focus on my strengths when I was having a difficult time deciding on what I wanted to do with my career. I was transitioning from being a teacher and was unsure what to do with my career going forward.  She helped me stay focused on the aspects of teaching that I loved while being able to find a place in the private sector. I would (and I have) recommended her to my friends. She is down to earth, energetic, creative and supportive. It was incredibly rewarding working with her during a period of transition. Reinventing a career is very difficult, but with Amy's help I am now thriving in a career that I love.  

Katherine Quinones, Director Talent Acquisition N@W


Amy is an empowering & authentic coach. She is committed to helping others in their career goals. I enjoyed my sessions with her. One of her strengths is being a non-judgemental and patient listener. Working with her helped create a team that is engaged and productive. Our reputaion within the organizations has skyrocketed. I would highly recommend her to anyone new to management or looking to shake up how they manage.