How Coaching Works And Package options


How Coaching Works:

Driven by you, coaching is a collaboration in creating a customized plan of action. We will identify your vision and navigate your success journey. With the help of assessments and coaching tools, we will work together to develop an individualized coaching program that will enable you to realize your goals. 

My coaching practice will meet you at the intersection of personal and professional discovery. Metta Coaching is in the business of helping you realize your full potential! 

“I could not have asked for a better introduction into this career, Amy is a great mentor and patient teacher.” Lindsay Pryor

One on One Coaching Includes:

Initial 90-minute complimentary session

One 60-minute coaching session per week

up to 3 emails per week

one additional 30-minute phone call if needed. 

Available in 3 and 6-month packages

Group Coaching Sessions Included:

A group of no more than three individuals. 

Complimentary 2 hour initial session,

One 90 minute session per week, 

Three emails per individual per week, 

One additional 45-minute session per week if needed. 

Available in 3 and 6-month packages